05.15.2019 ​| ​Abstract Submission Deadline

05.31.2019 ​| Acceptance Notification Deadline

06.01.2019 ​| Hotel Reservation Deadline

06.09.2019 | Early Registration Deadline

06.29 - 06.30 2019 ​| Conference date


Prof. Chuanfei Guo | SUSTech, China    

Prof. Wei Hong | SUSTech, China

Prof. Zhengchun Peng  | Shenzhen U, China           


General Chairs

Invited Scholars 

Prof. Zhonglin Wang  | GIT, USA               Prof. Han Ding  | HUST, China  

Prof. Zhigang Suo  | HUST, China             Prof. Pooi See Lee  | NTU, Singapore

Prof. Jing Liu | THU, China                        Prof. Guozhen Shen 丨CAS, China

Prof. Zhixiang Wei 丨CAS, China              Prof. Cunjiang Yu 丨UH,USA

Prof. Dae-hyeong Kim丨SNU, S Korea     Prof. Nanshu Lu 丨UT-Austin, USA

Prof. Xiangyang Liu 丨NUS, Singapore    Prof. Kejie Zhao 丨PU, USA

Prof. Matt Pharr 丨TAMU, USA                  Prof. Teng Li 丨UMCP, USA

Prof. Honghui Yu 丨CUNY, USA                Prof. Rong Chen 丨HUST, China

Prof. Yihui Zhang 丨THU,China              Prof. Mingyu Li 丨 HIT,China

Prof. Ting Zhang丨CAS,China                Prof. Ya Yang 丨CAS, China

Prof. Qijun Sun 丨CAS, China                   Prof. Mingzhu Li 丨CAS, China

Prof. Bo Li 丨XJTU,China                        Dr. Jingda Tang 丨XJTU, China

Prof. Fengxian Xin 丨XJTU, China            Prof. Shaoxing Qu 丨ZJU, China

Prof. Huiming Wang 丨ZJU, China            Prof. Xiaojun Guo 丨SJTU, China

Prof. Yongmei Chen 丨SUST, China          Prof. Xu Hou丨XMU, China

​Prof. Jinwei Gao 丨SCNU, China               Prof. Ruya Li 丨BUAA, China

Prof. Li Wen 丨BUAA, China                      Prof. Aiguo Song 丨SEU, China

Prof. Min Zhang 丨PKU, China                  Prof. Feng He 丨SUSTech, China 

Prof. Liying Zhang 丨UWO, Canada          Prof. Zheng Zhong 丨HIT, China

Prof. Zunfeng Liu 丨NKU, China               Prof. Changyong Cao 丨MSU,USA


Upcoming Date

Committee Members

Program Chairs

Prof. Han Ding| HUST, China

Invited Scholars(More speakers will be added)


Organization Committee

Prof. Zhigang Suo| Harvard University, USA

Prof. Zhonglin Wang | GIT, USA 

Southern University of Science and Technology

Shenzhen, Guangdong, China​ | June 29th - June 30th, 2019

Prof. Zhigang Wu  | HUST, China

Prof. Yongan Huang  | HUST, China  

Prof. Rong Chen  | HUST, China

Prof. Jianfeng Zang  | HUST, China

Prof. Tongqing Lu | XJTU, China



​​​​​The 5th International Symposium of Flexible and Stretchable Electronics 2019  The 5th International Workshop on Soft Machines and Mechanics 2019